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Welcome to Base Water sports


Welcome to Base Water sports

Base is spread out all over Europe, with a wide range of products of good design and high quality,at reasonable price.

The short story about BASE WATERSPORTS

Base Watersports was born in 2004 deep down in the middle of England, 5 guys in the Moorcock Inn pub discussing over a beer how to produce good priced quality watersports products. 
We all had many years of experience from selling waterskis and wetsuits from all over the world, the decision was simple, let’s start to produce Base products, Base - Board And Skis Europe. 
After many difficulties a new baby was born, after all the exciting years of developing new products, Base Watersports has grown to a full line of products and are now solely designed in Sweden. 
With some different brand names also including high performance products such as Base Extreme - BX, Heat Extreme – HX, Splash and on the junior side Bugs, you all will have all the performance and fun you could get. 
We are glad to have all the input we could have from you, good or bad, it will help us produce new and better products in the future.

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